How to increase subscribers

The fate of the video is decided by the first 200-300 views. The robot shows the video to a bunch of people, and if they like it, it doubles the views. The more you like the video, the wider the circle of users will be shown. How to get tik tok followers?

Taken into account:

- viewing time;
- number of likes;
- number of comments;
- number of reposts;
- number of subscribers.

By the way, followers see your videos only when they go to the corresponding tab. If advised as recommended they will not help. But when a few thousand people are subscribed to an account, it has a high rating. Thanks to this channel, it is considered popular, the robot often recommends it and gives good coverage.

Thus, if you want to get promoted in Tik Tok, it is important to work in all directions: to increase not only views and likes, but also subscribers. And how to wind up the latter, we will tell below.

Preparing to cheat Tik Tok: basic steps

Beautiful profile

Since you need to attract real subscribers to the winding up subscribers, it is important to take care of the attractiveness of the profile in advance.

Set a beautiful avatar, preferably with a light photo. Shame on filtering or not – decide for yourself, but the main thing is not to overdo it with effects.

Then write briefly about yourself, you can provide links to accounts in other networks.

Get your first friends

If the profile is empty, ask your friends and acquaintances to follow you. If you have promoted accounts in other social networks, notify subscribers that you have a profile on Tik Tok. By such actions, you can gain a couple of dozen (or more) followers.

Define the subject of your video and add some

You can’t take and cheat 1000 people with one or two low-quality videos. The algorithm will immediately see the deception.

It is better to decide in advance on the topic of future videos and shoot a dozen. Third-party services help to determine what and how to shoot. For example, Popsters, in which you can analyze competitors’ accounts. Its functionality allows you to:

- find popular and unpopular videos;
- sort the feed by the number of likes, reposts, comments;
- find out engagement and effectiveness by hashtags in the channel of interest.

Thanks to this analysis, you will understand which videos are getting more likes, and which ones are a heated discussion.

So, when the profile is full, there are subscribers and videos in it, you can start cheating. It can be paid and free.

If the growth of subscribers is in an account where there is no video (or there is, but not enough), the algorithm will immediately pay attention to this. Better to postpone the wrapping. First, fill out the profile with videos and collect the first subscribers yourself.

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